Texas DPS Driving Records

Texas Driving Record FAQs

Need to order your Texas driving record and don’t want to wait for weeks by ordering the traditional way? Use our quick process and receive your record within 24 hours. Make the process is smooth and understand what you’ll need to place your order.

Driving Record FAQs

Texas DPS Locations

There are nearly 400 Texas DPS locations across the state! You could stand in line and wait for your name to be called, or you can avoid the hassle and save time by ordering your Certified Driving Record online now through our secure online ordering system. Don’t waste time and receive your driving record in 24 hours or less. Order now!

Listing of DPS Locations

Types of Driver Record

Although there are six different types of driving records available, you can order your Official Certified 3A DPS Driver Record and receive it within 24 hours or less. Avoid the long wait and hassle by ordering yours online today!

Driver Record Types

Certified Driving Records

Needing to enroll in a Defensive Driving Course to have a speeding ticket dismissed? Or are you looking for new auto insurance? Regardless of why you’re needing to order your certified driving record, rest assured that you can have yours quickly. Easily order your Certified 3A DPS Driver Record and receive it in 24 hours or less!

Ordering a Certified Driving Record

Reasons to Order Texas Driver Record

Whether you’re trying to obtain a new auto insurance policy or are being considered for employment, you may be needing to order a Certified Driving Record. Checking your driving history or driver license status is a great way to ensure you don’t have a revoked or suspended license.

Why Order a Texas Driver Record