Defensive Driving Course

Taking a defensive driving course can be very beneficial for reasons such as clearing points from your driving record, getting a traffic ticket dismissal, and receiving lower premiums from your car insurance company. On top of that, it can help all drivers to learn how to be more aware of their surroundings and how to avoid accidents.

The defensive driving course from TX-DPS has been meticulously designed and is now available entirely online. Now you can obtain an insurance discount or leniency from the Texas courts from the comfort of your own home! Before you begin, it’s important for you to know what this course covers and how it helps you become a defensive driver.

What Does a Beginner’s Defensive Driving Class Include?

The state of Texas controls the content of a defensive driving course, which is intended to educate you based on the state’s laws. The following are some of the themes that you may expect to learn during a defensive driving class:

Traffic Crashes

According to the Texas Department of Transportation, there were 4,480 deaths in traffic accidents in 2021, up 15% from the previous year and making it the second deadliest year on Texas roads.

Most of these incidents were caused by driver behavior. For example, in 2021, 1,522 people were killed as a result of speeding, and 1,219 individuals died because they weren’t wearing seat belts. These were decisions made by individuals who might have potentially saved 2,741 lives had they been more cautious. Defensive driving courses use these figures to put things into perspective, educating drivers on how they play a part in saving lives on Texas roads.


Thousands of motorists are arrested each year in the United States as a result of driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. While the impact of some drugs on your body can occur at various times, the impact of drivers operating a vehicle while intoxicated is catastrophic.

Hence, the role that drugs and alcohol play on Texas roads is a very prevalent part of Texas defensive driving classes. The basics of DUI law are covered in this course, which discusses Texas’ limits on blood-alcohol levels, how drugs and alcohol affect your judgment, inhibitions, motor skills, and senses, as well as the consequences of being convicted of driving under the influence.

Safety Equipment

Around half of all fatalities caused by automobile accidents might have been avoided if the person were wearing a safety belt properly. Airbags, child safety seats, and headrests all help to protect Texas drivers and passengers from harm in the event of a collision. Defensive driving online classes teach you how to utilize these measures safely and effectively on the road to prevent fatalities during an accident.

Crash Prevention Techniques

The best way to avoid a traffic collision is by knowing what could cause one in the first place. That’s why defensive driving courses often cover crash prevention techniques, which teach you how not only to recognize potential hazards, but also to take action when necessary so that these problems don’t turn into accidents before it is too late!

State-Approved Texas Defensive Driving Course

Are you looking for a Texas state-approved onsite or online defensive driving course? TX-DPS has precisely the program you need! We can help you find nearest center to your location or if you’d like to take a defensive driving course online, please register right away! Our online course fills up quickly so the sooner the better!