Texas Birth Certificates

Texas Birth Certificates Processing Times

We pay extra to expedite our orders through the State of Texas Vitals office in Austin, TX.  Currently the state office is closed so we are only able to mail orders into the state on a daily basis.  Our current processing time is 2-3 weeks from the time we receive your order documents.  Processing times are controlled by the state.  Our birth certificate specialists process and track all orders on a daily basis to ensure we receive your birth certificate as quickly as possible.

Texas Birth Certificate FAQs

Need to order a Texas birth certificate, but not sure where to begin? Which birth certificate do you need to order for your marriage license? If you’re not sure what you need to order double-check which type of birth certificate is commonly accepted, check out our frequently asked questions below.

FAQs for Birth Certificates

Top 8 Reasons to Order a Birth Certificate

Birth certificates are a key document to help verify your identity for a number of reasons throughout your lifetime. We’ve gathered the top eight reasons to order a birth certificate. See if your reason falls into our list.

Reasons to Order a Birth Certificate

Types of Texas Birth Certificates

Not sure which birth certificate you need to register for a marriage license? With three types of Texas birth certificates, it can be a little tricky to know which one you really need. We’ve broken it down for you and made it easy to understand which you’ll need no matter what purpose you need it for.

Three Type of Texas Birth Certificates

Fastest Way to Order

The fastest way to receive an Official Texas Birth Certificate is to order online through our secure ordering system. We’ll process your order within 48 hours and help you avoid the long wait when ordering from the state by regular mail. You’ll receive your Official Texas Birth Certificate directly from the State of TX Vitals Office in a fraction of the time.

Quickest Way to Order Birth Certificate

Information Required to Order Birth Certificate

To order a birth certificate, you’ll need several pieces of key information. Make sure to gather all of the necessary information beforehand so that we can process your order quickly.

Info Needed to Order Birth Certificate