Types of Texas Driver Records

The Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) keeps full track of an individual’s driving records starting the moment they get a learner’s permit. From every speeding violation to every parking ticket to all the time you spent in defensive driving school, it’s all listed in your driver license record. 

There are several different types of driving records in the state of Texas, some of which can be ordered by anyone, while others can only be ordered by you in case of official state legal matters. 

On this page, you will find a list and comprehensive description of each type of driving record.  

Type 1 Driver Record (Status Record)

This includes the following information:

Full name, date of birth, current home address, driver license status, and original application date.

Type 2 Driver Record (3-Year History)

This includes the following information:

Same information from Type 1, plus a list of moving violations and accidents with motor vehicles (if a ticket was received) for 3 years from the date of offense.

Type 2A Driver Record (Certified 3-Year History)

This is a certified version of Type 2 driving record. Please keep in mind this cannot be used for a defensive driving course.

Type 3 Driver Record

This includes the following information:  

Same information from Type 1, plus a list of all moving and non-moving violations in the record as well as all accidents (even if no ticket was received). This record can’t be utilized for a defensive driving course either. It can only be issued to the person whose name is on the record.

Type 3A Driver Record

This is a certified version of Type 3 record and is also only issued to the person whose name is on the record. Type 3A driver record is the only one that can be utilized for a defensive driving course.

Type AR Driver Record

This is a certified abstract of full driving history of the license holder and includes the Type 3 information, and all suspensions in the driver license record.

Why Do I Need To Order My Texas Driving Record?

There are quite a few reasons why you may need to obtain a copy of your original driving records or driving history. 

You Want To Lower Your Auto Insurance Premiums

If you are a good driver and have an impeccable driving record with no tickets or traffic violations, you can show the record to motor vehicle insurance companies to establish your trustworthiness and negotiate a reduced premium rate. Some insurance companies give up to a 10% discount.

You Need To Go To A Defensive Driving School

In this case, the Texas court will need to check your driving record to confirm that you are eligible to take the course. You are only allowed to take the defensive driving course once per year, and the court needs to verify that you haven’t already attended it during the last 12 months.  

The court will also check the record to see the number of your traffic violations that have already been dismissed. They might not approve clearing your violation by taking a defensive driving course if you’ve already done it several times.

You Need To Submit It To A Potential Employer

There are certain jobs that involve driving. If you are trying to secure one of these positions, it’s likely your potential new employer will request to see your driving record to make sure you are a safe and responsible driver and therefore a good candidate.

You Need To Verify the Removal of your Violation

After you have taken the defensive driving course, the traffic violation can be removed from your driving record.

Unfortunately, records are maintained by people so the risk of human error is always there. We always recommend waiting a few weeks after finishing the course and then order a copy of the record to ensure the violation has been removed.  

You Need To Correct An Inaccuracy

Many people like to order their driving record once every year, just to give it a once over and ensure it doesn’t contain any inaccurate information, like a ticket that they never received, for example. If you notice any misinformation on your driving record, you will need to reach out to the court to get it corrected.

You Need It For Legal Proceedings

In some cases, an individual’s driving record is used in court proceedings. If you are fighting a traffic-related charge, for example, the defense can produce your driving record to prove how responsible and safe you are as a driver. However, the prosecution can use it to prove how irresponsible of a driver an individual is as well.  

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With TX DPS Records, it is easy to make online order to receive your record in less than a day! We provide driving records for the state of Texas, with a rapid 12-hour turnaround when you order online and request email delivery. After we receive your online requests, our clerks will fill your order with Texas DPS for a low price – no additional or hidden charges.

We will send your record by email, mail, or UPS delivery, whatever is most convenient for you. If you choose the UPS delivery option, your driving record will be mailed out to the address provided on your application within one business day of submitting your request. If you choose the US Mail option, it will take about 3-4 business days for delivery.  Email delivery option will arrive in your inbox within 12-hours.

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At TX DPS Records, we provide: 

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Also, if you have received a ticket for a traffic violation, we offer defensive driving courses to help you get it dismissed! Our services are accepted by all Texas courts for ticket dismissal and we are approved by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulations. For any questions, reach out to us online or give us a call at 888-596-7307. 

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