Types of Texas Birth Certificates

Birth certificates are an important document that follows you or your child throughout their life. When preparing to hit a milestone in your life or you child’s life, there will be a need to order a Texas birth certificate

A birth certificate is required for enrolling in school, signing your child up for their first youth sports league team, obtaining their social security number, and even if they begin to prepare registering for marriage.

There are four types or birth certificates, although the Long Form version or Standard size can satisfy most of your needs. Read below to understand which you may need to order, no matter what the circumstance:

  • Standard size (short form or abstract): This certificate is the most commonly used, as it will be accepted when registering a child for school or in a youth sports league, and also when you are applying for a drivers license.
  • Full size (long form): This certificate is most often used to obtain a passport, apply for dual citizenship, Indian Registry and immigration.
  • Heirloom birth certificate: A specially-designed certificate with an engraved intaglio border, heirloom-quality paper, background security features, and a gold embossed seal. State law prevents issuance of this certificate to persons whose births were established by court order or delayed record procedures.

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