Death Certificates for Genealogy Research

Texas has been recording deaths since 1903 and many people choose to order a death certificate to research their family history. If you’re looking to piece together your family’s past, order a death certificate today and unravel the mysteries in your family tree. Learning about family history and ancestors can help you  better understand who we are, uncover fascinating lives, and can create a connection between your family’s past and future.

Death certificates not only contain  information about the deceased individual, but it includes their  parent’s name and birthplace. Knowing this information can help reveal an area where there may be more relatives to add to your family tree.  If married, also included is the name of their spouse which can be used to dig down deeper into family history and add more to your family’s story.

Veteran status is also sometimes include in death certificates, making it easy to discover if ancestors were involved in a war. Most times branch service, rank, and service dates are provided and could be used to determine if your relative played a pivotal role in a historic event.

Although there is a great deal of personal information about the deceased individual, there is also information about their death. This includes the date and cause of death. Provided on the death certificate is your ancestors last resting place, place of burial.

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