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When you are looking to request a vital record, your first instinct is to locate a vital records office. However, you do not necessarily need to go in person to obtain these records. When you order a vital record from TX-DPS Records, it can be processed and delivered within 3-5 business days. You can have a copy emailed to you so you can save it digitally or print and save a hard copy for your records. Our objective is to swiftly and effortlessly furnish certified Department of Public Safety documents and Texas Vitals documents.

We also offer UPS shipping options with tracking options for quick delivery of a certified hard copy. You will always know where your records are with this method of delivery. We can send your vital record via regular mail as well if you prefer. If you need assistance at any time throughout the process of obtaining a vital record, you can chat with real-time support or give us a call. 

What are Vital Records?

Vital records are any documentation of specific life events like marriage, birth, death, and divorce. You will need these certified copies(birth certificates, death certificates) to complete legal issues like obtaining benefits at work or getting a new identification card. You will also need these documents when registering a child for school or applying for a passport.

Vital Records Applications and Forms

Various forms can be filled out when you are requesting a vital record. When you are ordering a birth record, you may need one of these forms:

  • Texas Birth Certificate Application VS-10
  • Certificate of Birth Resulting in Stillbirth application VS-301

Death record forms from the vital records office are:

  • Texas Death Certificate application V-142
  • Disinterment Permit Application VS-271
  • Disinterment Consent Form VS-271.1

For the marriage or divorce records, you will need application VS-142.9. 

There are several forms you need for adoption and paternity tests, including:

  • Request for Identity of Court of Adoption VS-143
  • Application for Non-Certified Copy of Original Birth Certificate VS-145
  • Certificate of Adoption VS-160
  • Validation Petition VS-166.531
  • Validation Order VS-166.532
  • Central Adoption Registry Request for Open Records VS-210
  • Central Adoption Registry Application VS-2271
  • Spanish Central Adoption Registry Application VS-2271
  • Notice of Intent to Claim Paternity VS-130
  • Paternity Registry Inquiry Request VS-134
  • Acknowledgment of Paternity Inquiry Request VS-134.1
  • Information on Suit Affecting the Family Relationship (excluding adoptions) VS-165
  • Inquiry of Court of Continuing Jurisdiction for a Child VS-168
  • Correcting a Birth Certificate VS-170

Contact TX-DPS Records Today

We are not owned, operated, or affiliated with any government agency; we are privately owned and act independently. However, our services are meant to give you access to vital records easily and quickly. We may even be able to obtain a document within 3-5 business days for your convenience. We also offer defensive driving courses when you need to remove a ticket from your driving record or lower your insurance premiums. Call us at 888-596-7307 or get real-time support online when you are in need of a vital record. 

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