Reasons to Order a Death Certificate

Death certificates can be a window into the past life of a loved one or a necessary document to help settle an estate. There are many reasons you may need to order a death certificate, but it’s essential to understand all of the ways you can use the information once you receive the record.

If your loved one has recently passed, you may need to order a death certificate to claim death benefits through the employer of the deceased. The death certificate also includes a wide variety of information that would be helpful in piecing together the past life or a family tree.

Here are many reasons you may need to order a death certificate:

  • Obtain death benefits through an employer
  • Claim insurance benefits
  • Claim social security benefits
  • Transfer bank accounts or insurance policies
  • Cancel subscriptions to services, such as cable, electricity, or water
  • Update account information that the deceased may have held
  • Researching family history or genealogy
  • Other legal purposes

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