How to Dismiss a Ticket Through Defensive Driving

The Texas defensive driving course is a great way to dismiss a traffic ticket and protect your driver’s license, lower insurance costs, and improve the safety on the roads of our state. TX-DPS has partnered with Driver Safety-USA to bring defensive driving school to you. The Safety-USA course can be done completely online – no need to travel to a classroom and listen to a boring lecture! You can take the class from anywhere, as long as you have an internet connection and a device. Plus, once you’ve completed the course you can receive your certificate of completion immediately so you will be able to submit it to the Texas courts or your insurance company.

Some benefits of taking the online Texas defensive driving class include:

Spotless Driving Record

When you receive a traffic violation in Texas, it will go on your driving record. Each infraction adds points to your driver’s license or record, which remain for three years. If you reach six or more points on your record at any time, you’ll be charged an annual surcharge and your license might be suspended until the number of points on your record decrease to below six.

However, if you complete an approved defensive driving course for ticket dismissal before it goes on your record, you might be able to keep the violation off your record and won’t add any points. Although this may seem like an easy solution, you are only permitted to enroll in a defensive driving class once every year for a traffic infraction. Before taking any defensive driving class, make sure the court has given its approval.

Discount on Auto Insurance

Taking online defensive driving courses to avoid having points on your driving record may help you save money on your auto insurance premiums as well. Some auto insurance companies give rate reductions of up to 10% for drivers who complete the defensive driving course – often for three years. This applies whether you’re taking the course to dismiss a ticket or simply for the insurance discount.

Insurance companies give these savings because insurance rates are based on risk, and studies have shown that drivers who follow good defensive driving techniques have a decreased chance of being in an accident.

Improved Driving Skills and Knowledge

The online driver safety course in Texas will allow you to brush up on your driving skills and improve your knowledge of road safety rules. The course is full of interactive content that makes learning fun, engaging, and easy with the ultimate goal of making you a defensive driver.

Convenience and Flexibility

The Texas online defensive driving course is very convenient because you can complete it entirely online, at your own pace, and on your schedule. You’ll be able to fit the course into a busy schedule without having to take time off from work or school.

Quick Certificate Delivery

After you’ve completed the defensive driving course, TX-DPS provides you with a few distinct alternatives for obtaining your certificate. If you’d prefer to have a paper copy delivered to you by regular mail, that will take approximately 2–5 days to arrive after processing. However, if you select express delivery, it can process as quickly as 3 days.

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