Info on Death Certificate

A death certificate is an official government document that confirms a person’s death and specifies the person’s name, cause of death, date and time of death, and other personal information about the deceased. The Social Security Administration (SSA) has designated death certificates, which have been issued since 1903, as vital records with special procedures for their completion and submission.

Generally, the funeral director will inform the SSA of a person’s death. They will gather the deceased’s social security number and name from a survivor and submit those details to the SSA. The director will then be sent an original death certificate to pass a long to the immediate family members. The family will most likely need additional certified copies of the death certificate because it is a critical legal document utilized in numerous after-death transactions.

Death certificates may be used for the following; processing death and life insurance benefits, handling bank account and property changes, releasing retirement funds, and so on. A family member may request a copies from the state for these issues, but usually for a price. The death certificate is sometimes used in civil and criminal actions as an important document or evidence.

What Information Is Provided on a Certified Death Certificate?

A certified copy of the death certificate, just like the birth certificate and other vital documents, contains essential facts and vital statistics about the deceased. This information gives us insight into their life and some of the circumstances leading to their death. Below are the different bits of information that you will find on a Texas death certificate:

  • Name of the deceased
  • Date and location the death occurred
  • Age of the deceased
  • Gender, race, and marital status of the deceased
  • Hospital name or institution in which they died
  • Cause of death
  • Address of the deceased
  • Date and place of birth
  • Name of the deceased person’s parents
  • Birthplace of parents
  • Date and place of burial

Why You Should Order a Death Record

Order a Death Record

To offer official verification of a dead person’s cause of death, you will need a death certificate. A death certificate is more than just important for public records; it is also necessary before you can have a burial or cremation.

Furthermore, if you are in charge of the deceased’s estate, you must acquire copies of the death certificate in order to start managing their financial affairs. In most situations, you will require between five and ten certified copies of the death certificate for various uses.

We recognize how time-consuming and frustrating it can be to go through the process of obtaining the death certificate copies. On average, it takes up to six weeks, if you filled out all the forms correctly the first time.

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