Info Required to Order a Texas Birth Certificate

Birth certificates are vital identity documents that can be utilized to obtain a variety of identification and social benefits, such as Social Security cards and marriage licenses. This document is sometimes lost or destroyed, and in such a case, you must start looking into getting a replacement. It’s also crucial to obtain a birth certificate for your newborn as soon as possible after their birth.

Obtaining a birth certificate online is simple. You’ll need to fill out a form for the state where the birth occurred (Texas in this case), pay fees, and present identification to verify your identity.

Required Documentation for Certified Copy of Birth Certificate

Obtaining a birth certificate in Texas is an easy process that can be accomplished with little to no difficulty. To receive your authorized duplicate, you must complete the form with all of the required information and send it to the Texas vital records office. To obtain a quick certified copy of your birth certificate in Texas, you must use the following personal information to fill out the online birth certificate application:

  • The full name on the birth certificate (middle names are not required, but are requested)
  • The individual’s date of birth
  • The name of the city or county in which the individual was born
  • The full name of the father, if listed on the birth certificate
  • The full maiden name of the mother, if listed on the birth certificate

You might need to explain why you’re requesting the certificate, such as passport or driver’s license renewal, claiming a pension, or for insurance money. This information will assist state officials in determining whether you require a long or short-form birth certificate.

You also must submit one of the following documents, along with your birth certificate application form, to comply with this requirement:

  • Federal or Texas state ID card
  • US citizen ID card
  • US passport
  • US Driver’s license

The state health services will obtain identifying information from you to determine if you are who you claim to be before providing a birth or death certificate.

How Do I Get a Certified Copy of My US Birth Certificate?

To obtain a copy of your birth certificate from the Texas Department of State Health Services – Vital Statistics Section, you must have been born in Texas. You will also need to submit identification, which must meet the above ID requirements.

Finally, you may finish an application online, through the mail, or in person. You are also required to pay the appropriate fee for the certificate. Ordering directly from the state of Texas takes five to seven weeks for your birth certificate to be delivered. Ordering through TX-DPS Records means you can have the most important document of your birth records within a few days, depending on the delivery service you choose.

Order Your Birth Certificates Online

It is easy to order vital records online through a trustworthy external source, whether it is an original birth certificate, divorce certificate, marriage certificate, or death certificate.

TX-DPS Records offers a secure and fast method to order your vital records online. This way, you can get your documents quickly, cheaply, and with the highest degree of security in the handling of your document. With $89.99, you can get your certificate delivered to you in a few days.

We are a verified service with government officials throughout Texas. TX-DPS Records is the place to go if you need a replacement for your birth and death certificates, marriage records, or divorce records. Place an order now for your birth certificate, immediate family members’ birth certificates or death records, and other vital records. Please contact us at 888-596-7307 for any questions regarding getting a new birth certificate.

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