Texas Death Certificates

Texas Birth Certificates Processing Times

Current processing times are 2-3 days after forms are returned.  We have also started a new 1-day rapid process.

Processing times were 4-5 weeks up until July 19th from the time we received your order documents. These are processing times put on us by the state and we are unable to pull any orders to process faster.

Texas Death Certificate FAQs

When someone has passed, a death certificate is issued which includes important details about the deceased person. We’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions to help you understand why you need to order a death certificate and what information you may need.

FAQs about Texas Death Certificates

What’s needed to Order a

Death Certificate

Ready to order a Texas death certificate? Be sure you have the right information before placing your order. Check our list of information that you’ll need to place your order.

Ordering a Death Certificate

Reasons to Order a Death Certificate

There are many reasons to order a death certificate. A death certificate may be needed to settle an estate or obtain insurance benefits once a family member has passed. Or you may be looking to piece together a loved one’s past and learn more about their genealogy.

Why Order a Death Certificate

Death Certificates for Genealogy Research

If you’ve been looking for a way to connect the branches in your family tree, ordering a death certificate is the perfect way to discover your ancestry. Many people are curious to know who they are and there are many important details on death certificates that can uncover the mysteries in your family!

Researching family history with Death Certificates

Information on Death Certificate

A death certificate contains important information that can tell a bigger story. If you’re ordering one for legal reasons or even genealogical research, much of the information within a death certificate can help you settle an estate or learn more about an ancestor.

Information included on Death Certificates