Fastest Way to Order a Birth Certificate

If standing in line or waiting by the mailbox for weeks isn’t really your thing? Among the four ways to order a Texas birth certificate, the quickest is through our secure online ordering system.

48 hours: Order an official Texas birth certificate online via

Due to the Coronavirus, processing times have been extended to 3-4 weeks. This will change back to 48 hours once the state vitals office reopens. 

Your order for a long form version of an official Texas birth certificate will be processed within 48 hours. The birth certificate can be used to quickly obtain a passport for travel purposes. This official birth certificate can be delivered by UPS and is directly from the State of Texas Vital Statistics Office.

Cost: $89.99 includes regular shipping

Same day: In person at the Texas Vital Statistics Office in Austin – Closed due to Coronavirus

By visiting the Vitals office in Austin, you can receive birth certificates within a couple of hours.

Cost: $22 for certified copy or $60 for heirloom version

10-15 business days: Order online from

Confirm the processing time with the State Vitals.  We are finding extended processing times due to the Coronavirus shutdown.

6-8 weeks: Submitting request to via U.S. Postal Service regular mail

A paper application can be submitted via  regular mail, but this is the longest waiting period for obtaining a birth certificate.

Cost: $22 for certified copy or $60 for heirloom version via check or money order plus return delivery charges.

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