Fastest Way to Order a Texas Birth Certificate

Your Texas birth certificate is an important piece of documentation that you can use to establish your identity and American citizenship. To complete administrative processes while residing in Texas, you’ll be required to present your birth certificate on several occasions. That is why it’s critical to have your Texas birth certificate and to keep it safe and easily accessible.

If your Texas birth certificate is lost or destroyed, you can easily get duplicate birth certificates by ordering online or in person. Depending on the service you choose, it will be with you in a few days to a few weeks.

Why You Should Order Online For a Certified Birth Certificate

TX-DPS Records allows you to obtain a copy of your birth record quickly and at a lower cost. When you need a copy of your Texas birth certificate as soon as possible, it’s helpful to know that we offer an expedited service for obtaining this important document.

To apply for a Real ID, driver’s license, marriage license, passport, or obtain a duplicate Social Security card, you’ll need an original birth certificate. It’s impossible to acquire your Real ID, license, marriage certificate, etc. if you don’t first have your birth certificate.

When you attempt to apply for a birth certificate replacement on your own through the state services, the procedure is time-consuming. However, TX-DPS can handle all the paperwork for you while you wait. All you have to do is submit your request online through a short form, make a payment, and the copy of your Texas birth certificate will be sent to you in no time. This is how simple it is to order a copy of a birth certificate online.

Why You Should Choose TX-DPS Records

We are a privately owned and managed company that is not affiliated with, or operated by, any government agency and provides assistance at your request. Since 2004, we have helped our clients save time by eliminating the need to go to a vital records office or have their applications rejected due to mistakes or omissions on a form.

Fastest Service

While we may not be able to speed up the bureaucracies, we do everything in our power to ensure there are no delays. For example, we connect with government agencies directly through the PCI-compliant online data transmission. Hence, we avoid the queue for processing birth records and get ahead of mail-in applications which allows us to provide the quickest service to all our clients (for birth or death certificates).

To Eliminate the Chances of Rejection

We perform an intense analysis of each vital record application and ensure that they are perfect before it is sent out. As a result, we avoid mistakes, rejections, and unnecessary delays in your application for birth and death certificates. You get nothing short of an expert review as you order vital records with us.

Secure and Affordable

We are a licensed external ordering source for quick, secure vital records obtained directly from the issuing government agency at the lowest price available online. We use secure online connections with the issuing government agencies to handle all of our transactions. We strictly ensure that every process in this application is conducted using secure methods only to protect your identity online.

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