Texas Birth Certificate FAQs

Birth certificates are filled with valuable information such as date of birth, location of birth, and parent information. This information is used to verify identification, for government and family personal records, and to obtain many government issued documents, such as social security cards.  Because this document is so important for many different reasons it is essential to always have a copy.  Below are the cost common questions about obtaining a birth certificate copy.

Q: Who can request a certified copy of a birth certificate?

A: Only immediate family members to the person whose name is on the birth certificate are eligible to request a copy for births within the past 75 years. If you have any other relationship to the person for which you are requesting records, you must provide legal documentation.

Q: Who is considered an immediate family member?

A: The following relationships by blood or marriage are considered to be immediate family members: self, child, parent, sister, brother, grandparent, and spouse.

Q: What is a valid form of identification?

A: In order to order a birth certificate, there’s some forms of identification that you’ll need including:

  • State-issued driver’s license
  • State/city/county ID card
  • Student ID
  • Government employment badge or card
  • Prison ID
  • Military ID

Q: What information is included on a Texas birth certificate?

A: There are several pieces of information on a Texas birth certificate including:

  • Name (First, Middle, Last)
  • Gender
  • Race
  • Date and Time of Birth
  • Location of Birth
  • Birth Hospital
  • Mother’s Full Name, Including Maiden Name
  • Mother’s Race, Age, Occupation, Birth Place, Residence, Marital Status
  • Number of Children from Mother, Living and Deceased
  • Fathers Full Name
  • Father’s Race, Age, Occupation, Birth Place

Q: Why do I need to order a birth certificate?

A: Before ordering a birth certificate, there are some pieces of information that you’ll need to gather including:

  • The full name of the on the birth certificate (middle names are not required, but are requested)
  • The individual’s date of birth
  • The name of the city or county in which the individual was born
  • The full name of the father, if listed on the birth certificate
  • The full maiden name of the mother, if listed on the birth certificate

Birth certificates with a date of birth within the past 75 years are protected records that require the following additional information to process a request:

  • Your current driver’s license or state-issued identification card
  • Your Social Security number
  • Your date of birth
  • Your address

Q: How long will it take to receive my birth certificate?

A: Depends on your location, however all birth certificates are processed in 24 hours and UPS delivery is available. If purchasing directly from the state by regular mail it will take 4-6 weeks for arrival.

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