Lost Birth Certificate

What You Need to Know When You Lose Your Birth Certificate

May 2, 2022

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If you’ve ever misplaced an important document like a birth certificate or death certificate, you know how frustrating it can be to track down a copy. Fortunately, there are resources to make the process a little easier. At TX-DPS Records, we are here to help you get the vital records you need in a timely and efficient manner. We specialize in helping people obtain official Texas birth certificates. Read on for information on what to do if you lose your birth certificate!

What Is a Birth Certificate?

Birth certificates are among the first legal documents an individual might acquire. They’re so common that we often overlook their significance, which is why it’s important to know how they work and what makes this particular type of document unique in the United States of America.

A birth certificate is a document issued by a government agency such as the Department of State Health Services, the Texas vital records department. It documents the birth of a child for statistical, tax, military, and census purposes. Birth certificates in the United States are used to establish one’s age, citizenship status, and identity.

In our society, birth certificates perform several roles. A birth certificate reveals who we are, where and when we were born, and to whom we were born. It is usually an unchangeable document that helps us establish our identity.

Texas Birth Certificate Types

Certified bicertificate and birth record

Long-Form Birth Certificates

A long-form birth certificate is the most accurate certified birth certificate. It’s a duplicate of the original birth document. This certified birth certificate will show you the history of any corrections that have been made to your original document. You’ll need a long-form birth certificate to obtain the following:

  • U.S. Passport
  • Driver’s license (in most U.S. states)
  • Dual citizenship

Short-Form Birth Certificate

A short-form birth certificate is a certified abstract of the original birth certificate. Only the individual’s name, date of birth, place of birth, sex, and name of parent(s) appear on this document. The history of edits made to the birth certificate will not be shown on this form. You can use a short-form birth certificate to satisfy the following:

  • School and/or sports registration
  • Employment requirements
  • Insurance requirements

Birth Verification Letters

If you’re trying to find out who was born in a certain year, then a verification letter will help. It includes all of the necessary information such as name and date of birth, along with where the birth occurred. Verification letters may be requested for births dating back to 1903.

However, verification letters are not considered to be valid certified copies of birth certificates. The vital statistics department encourages applicants to ensure that a verification letter will fulfill its intended purpose.

Heirloom Birth Certificate

Heirloom birth certificates are abstracts of the birth certificate. These are perfect for those that want to preserve their family’s history and heritage. They’re generally seen on display and in frames, rather than used for legal purposes. An heirloom birth certificate incorporates much of the same data as a short-form birth certificate.

Why Is a Birth Certificate So Important?

Newborn records are detailed on birth certificate

Your birth certificate is a powerful document that proves your identity and is used in many areas of life. It can be used for schooling, work, or travel purposes with ease as it is an official document that has all the information needed to identify exactly who you are.

If you lose your Texas birth certificate, obtaining a certified copy is essential since it will serve as identity proof in future issues such as taxes due on income, registering vehicles under your name, getting scholarships based on age qualifications, and so on. Generally, Texas birth certificates from the Department of State Health Services will be necessary for you to demonstrate your place of birth, citizenship, or age. It is used as acceptable identification in many situations. This document is required to:

  • Apply for a passport.
  • Apply for a driver’s license.
  • Attend some schools and higher education.
  • Participate in sports at school.
  • Prove your citizenship.
  • Prove your relationship with parents or children.
  • Replace your social security card.

What Is the Difference Between a Certified Copy and a Non-Certified Copy of the Birth Certificate?

Certified birth certificate

A certified copy of your birth certificate is a document produced by the Texas Vital Records office. The copy will have a raised, embossed, or impressed seal over the signature block to indicate that it is a true and exact replica of the original document in their files. These certified copies are commonly accepted for official purposes.

A copy of a certified birth certificate is necessary for obtaining a US passport and applying for Social Security benefits. A birth certificate may be required when applying for certain jobs or when getting or renewing a driver’s license. It’s also acceptable proof of US citizenship by federal, state, and local authorities.

On the other hand, non-certified informational copies of a birth or death certificate are not available on certified paper with security features and cannot be used for legal purposes. Both non-certified birth and death certificates will have a watermark stating “Cannot be used for legal purposes”. However, it is important to keep in mind that these non-certified copies contain the same information as certified birth certificate copies and can be used for informal purposes.

How Do I Get a Copy of My Birth Certificate in Texas?

Your birth certificate is one of the most significant legal documents you will ever hold in your life. To establish your identity and date of birth, there are many circumstances where you’ll need your original birth certificate or a certified copy of it.

If your birth certificate has been lost, there are simple ways to obtain a new certified copy from birth records. As long as you have the correct documentation on hand, getting a replacement birth certificate can be straightforward. You can even easily get your birth certificate online!

Who Can Apply for a Copy of Your Birth Certificate?

Employers need a copy of your birth certificate for their records

Only the individual and the immediate family members of the person whose name is on the birth certificate may apply for a copy if the person was born within the previous 75 years. Those with a different relationship are required to provide legal documentation, such as a court order establishing guardianship, to be considered legal substitutes.

The Texas Department of State Health Services requires that if you are the legal representative for an applicant, you will need to send in a release document noting your interest in the required record.

A written, notarized statement signed by an immediate family member is required. The verification letters must permit you to receive a certified copy of the certificate that you have requested. You must also include your full name and a picture ID with the provided notarized proof or statement.

Who Is Considered an Immediate Family Member?

Someone in the immediate family is defined as anyone who is related by blood or marriage, including oneself, a child, a parent, a brother, sister, grandparent, and spouse. A grandchild is not included in this definition.

What Identification Do I Need to Get My Birth Certificate in Texas?

Obtaining vital records requires certain information

When placing an order for a Texas birth certificate, you must provide certain information to complete your order. You must provide the following information to request a birth record:

  • Complete name on the birth certificate (middle names are not required, but are recommended)
  • Date of birth of the person
  • Place of birth
  • Reason for request
  • Name of the county or city in which the person was born
  • If the father’s name is included on the birth certificate, his full name must be provided
  • If the mother’s name is included on the birth certificate, her full name must be provided

Please note that birth certificates with a date of birth within the last 75 years are records that require the following further information to process a request:

  • Your current driver’s license or state-issued identification card
  • Details of your current address

Required Documents for Texas Birth Certificates

You must verify your identity with supporting documentation when you submit an application. This is required to obtain a certified copy of a birth certificate. In most situations, you will be required to provide a photograph identification, such as a passport, state-issued driver’s license, Military ID card, or a Texas photo ID card.

Texas Birth Certificate Processing Time

It can take up to several weeks to obtain birth certificates

After you’ve completed the application for a Texas birth certificate and submitted it with the correct payment (check, credit or debit card, etc.) and copy of valid ID, the Texas vital records office will accept your request and begin to process your order.

In Texas, requesting a birth certificate through certain channels can take 5–7 weeks. During peak demand periods, processing times may be longer.

Alternatively, you can use TX-DPS Records to order your birth certificate online and receive it much quicker!

What Is the Fastest Way to Order Records?

The quickest approach to obtaining a Texas birth certificate online is through an authorized external ordering source like TX-DPS Records. This offers you a rapid, secure vital records processing that is handled quickly and efficiently.

Your order will not be lost in the mail or sent to another service for processing since it is hosted on a secure server. We’ll use secure online connections with an authorized agent to process your order(s) directly with Texas state vital records.

Is It Safe to Order Birth Certificates Online?

Vital records contain important information

With an authorized and reputable external purchase source like TX-DPS Records, you can rest certain that the process is completely secure! We work hard to ensure your data is safe and secure.

We carefully manage anything that could be used for personal identification. Everything is transmitted through our secure website with no worries of identity theft or other potential problems. It’s also advantageous since it allows us to avoid the wait for processing, putting us ahead of mail-in requests. Our service has the quickest response time you can find!

Our current processing times are 2–3 days after we receive authorization forms. We’ve also established a new 1-day rapid processing procedure available for an additional fee. For convenience and speed, we can provide notary services over the internet for a modest cost as well. Our clients appreciate the simplicity and convenience of using our notary service anywhere!

TX-DPS Records Can Help You!

Having birth records is essential for your young one

Are you looking for the quickest external ordering source for your online birth certificate requests? Then TX-DPS Records is an excellent choice. There are several reasons why you should consider using our online ordering service, as well as a variety of advantages!

An Expert Review

Birth certificate applications are frequently denied because of mistakes, typos, and inconsistencies in the data provided on the application form. This indicates that an applicant has paid the issuing fees and waited for the required processing time only to be told their birth certificate application has been denied.

At TX-DPS Records, we understand how inconvenient it is to discover that you have waited so long for nothing, which is why we are here to assist! Before your application is submitted, we thoroughly analyze all of the data you provided in your birth certificate replacement application and then give it an expert review before it is submitted. This will give you with the assurance that your application will be accepted once and for all.

Quick Turnaround

After your request is processed, you can expect to receive your new birth certificate within 2–4 days, depending on the delivery method you chose. For an extra fee, we can expedite the delivery to get your Texas birth certificate to you within one day of processing completion. This is the quickest processing and delivery time you are going to find in all of Texas!

We aim to make this procedure as quick and successful as possible for you! Losing your birth certificate is not the end of the world and TX-DPS can help you get a replacement in no time. Feel free to call us at (888) 596-7307 to learn more about our services. You can also order your birth certificate online now!