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The Information That Appears on a Texas Driving Record

February 8, 2022

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If you are ever in a situation where you need a copy of your Texas driver record, whether for employment reasons or to find information regarding the status of your license, you can order a driver record online.  

Personal Driving History

The Texas driver record displays various aspects of your personal driving history. From the second you are granted a driver’s license, you have a driving record. This information ranges from essential names and addresses to more in-depth details such as traffic tickets and license suspensions. Some states refer to driver records as Motor Vehicle Reports. 

It is worth mentioning that as of September 2019, the state of Texas ended its Driver Responsibility Program (DRP), which would suspend your license for failing to pay additional annual surcharges due to multiple citations for traffic violations.  All licenses suspended under the DRP have since been reinstated. If a license was suspended under the DRP, it is suggested that you double-check your driving record to make sure it reflects your license reinstatement.

Types of Driver Records

The types of Texas driver records are divided into six different categories and are outlined below:

Type 1

Type 1 is known as the Status Record. It offers information about your name, birth date, driver’s license status, current address, and original application date of your Texas driver’s license.

Type 2

Type 2 is a record of your three-year history. This Texas driver record includes all information from the Type 1 record, plus a list of all traffic violations (moving or non-moving) and accidents in which you received a ticket within a three-year timeframe.

Type 2A

Type 2A, or a certified three-year history, is the same as Type 2 other than the fact it is certified. This means that Type 2A is used more for official reasons. Unfortunately, even though it is certified, this Texas driver record cannot be used to register for a defensive driving course.

Type 3

Type 3 includes all crashes and violations. Only you have access to your Type 3 Texas driver record. It includes all information from your Type 1 record, a list of all crashes—regardless of whether or not you received a ticket—and a list of all moving and non-moving traffic violations. Similar to the 2A record, it isn’t valid for a defensive driving class.

Type 3A

Type 3A Texas driver record is a certified version of Type 3. It also lists all the information from Type 1, plus all crashes and violations. This is only issued to the record holder. However, it is the only type of driver record that can be used for a defensive driving course.

Type AR Abstract

Type AR is a certified complete abstract of the Texas driver record and includes everything that is currently on the previous type, plus all suspensions. This type includes all information of your driving record, but cannot be used to sign up for a defensive driving course.

Rest assured; Texas DPS doesn’t make your driving records easily accessible to everyone. Another person or agency can request your driver history if they are authorized under state and federal laws.

Many different people order driving records for a variety of reasons. Employers may want to know if a potential candidate is fit for specific driving tasks. Car insurance agencies may want to know whether to insure you and the appropriate measures to take when setting up premiums. And you may need to obtain your Texas driver record to sign up for a defensive driving class so you can wipe a ticket or regain a suspended license.

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