How to Minimize Your Wait at DPS

We’re proud to offer you a quick solution for earning your diver license through our course offered by Safety-USA. You can even skip visiting the local DPS office and instead take our course which doesn’t require you to take a written test at DPS. Once you’ve completed the course and held your learner’s permit for six months, you’ll be able to apply for an unrestricted driver’s license through your local DPS office.

Since you’re likely to visit a DPS office at some point, whether to obtain your unrestricted license or to renew, we’ve gathered up some tips for minimizing your wait at DPS.

1. Get in line before you go.

Before you even think about stepping into your car, be sure to get in line before you go. That’s right! The Texas Department of Public Safety now offers a new way for customers to get in line at a driver license mega center by using a text-enabled phone. With the click of a button, you can use their simple interface and enter your cell number to receive an alert that you’re close to being called at their office. Texas currently has seven Mega Centers across the state in the major areas including Austin-Pflugerville, Dallas-Garland, Fort Worth, Houston-Rosenberg, Houston-Spring, Houston-Gessner, and San Antonio-Leon Valley.

2. Renew your license online.

Avoid visiting a DPS office by using the online services to renew your license online or change your address. You’ll save time and conveniently receive your new license within days and all from the comfort of your own home.

3. Visit in the middle of the week.

Should you have to visit an office in person, head in before noon, preferably in the middle of the week. Many people typically visit the office near the end of the month when their license is about to expire, so it’s wise to plan your trip to the DMV near the middle of the month.

4. Steer clear of the lunch hour line.

Don’t visit DPS during your lunch hour! While this may seem like an ideal time to renew your license, several other people had the exact same idea as you, causing a severe wait time.

5. Check the calendar for holidays.

Plan your trip to also avoid holidays, as the offices are usually closed for them. This causes a spike in the wait time since many people try to visit the day before or after a holiday.

6. Bring the right identification.

Arrive with all of your information in hand to ensure you don’t waste all the time waiting just to find out you need a piece of identification that you don’t have with you. Check to understand you have everything you may need by visiting the Texas DPS site for more information.

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