First Time Drivers does not provide Texas driver licenses. Upon completion of an approved course, you may obtain your Texas driver license from the Texas Department of Public Safety.

Texas Driver License FAQs

Ready to earn your Texas driver license, but unsure of where to begin? Or are you a parent to a teen looking to earn their driver license? We have the answers to your questions and more.

Driver License FAQs

How to Minimize Your Wait at the DPS

In a hurry and don’t want to waste time in a line that snakes out of the local DPS Office? Check out our tips that are sure to keep the line moving and you awake during your next visit.

Tips to Minimize Your Wait at the DPS

Best DPS Offices in Texas

Hate waiting in line at the DMV? There’s no need to waste your time by unknowingly visiting a slow branch. Share your experiences with others and find out where the best DMV Offices are located in Texas!

Fastest & Best DPS Offices

Driver License Renewal

There are some instances that require a trip to the DMV when renewing your license, but if you’re lucky you can renew online. Learn when you need to go stand in line at the DMV or if you’re eligible to renew online from the comfort of your own home.

Renewing Your Driving License

How to Find Driver License Number

There’s more to a driver license than a bad hairstyle or a goofy smile. Deconstruct the driver license with our handy breakdown to quickly find important information, including your driver license number and audit number.

Finding Your Driver License & Audit Number