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What You Should Know About Requesting a Death Certificate in Texas

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Handling the affairs of a recently deceased loved one can be emotionally draining and difficult. When you lose someone close to you and oversee dealing with everything, you will likely need at least one to many certified death certificate copies in Texas to deal with legal issues. Obtaining death records in Texas can be a bit complicated, but this blog will guide you through the process.

After an individual passes away, the death is registered with the local and state vital records offices within a few weeks. You are then able to request copies of the death certificate from the vital records office. If you are a resident of the Lone Star State, obtaining a certified death certificate copy in Texas is a process that requires time and patience. The Texas death records can be accessed in a few different ways which will be described further below.

Who Prepares Death Certificates?

When it comes to preparing death certificates, it is the main responsibility of either the funeral home, cremation organization, or other individual who oversees the deceased person’s remains. Preparing a certified death certificate copy in Texas involves gathering personal information from family members and obtaining a signature from a doctor, medical examiner, or coroner. The speed at which this is processed must be quick, usually within three to ten days, depending on applicable Texas laws.

What Information is Found on a Death Certificate? 

Certified death certificate copies in Texas contain the following information:

  • Full name (Name at death)
  • Address
  • Gender and race
  • Birthdate and place
  • Father’s name and birthplace
  • Mother’s name and birthplace
  • Complete or partial Social Security number
  • Veteran’s discharge or claim number
  • Education
  • Marital status and/or name of surviving spouse, if applicable
  • Date, place, and time of death
  • The cause of death
  • Date and place of burial

Ordering Death Certificates

You can order either an informational or a certified death certificate copy in Texas. Informational copies are for personal records and can be easily accessed when requested. The certified death certificate copy in Texas holds an official stamp. You will need this document to complete many legal tasks after a death, whether you are looking to acquire a permit for burial or cremation or transferring the deceased’s property to inheritors.

Certified copies of death certificates can easily be ordered through the funeral home or mortuary at the time of the death. For someone in charge of the deceased’s personal affairs, it is a good idea to ask for a minimum of 10 copies. One copy will be needed for each time you claim property or benefits that formerly belonged to the deceased individual.

However, sometimes in the chaos following the loss of a loved one and planning services, a request for a certified death certificate can be forgotten. Or maybe the copies are misplaced. Or maybe they were all used and now more copies are needed. Or maybe you are looking into your family history. Whatever the case, you can obtain Texas death records by going through the state or by ordering them online and get them delivered directly to you much faster.

To obtain a copy of a death certificate online, you just need to fill out this form. You will have to provide the following information:

  • Name of the deceased individual
  • Names of the deceased’s parents
  • Date and place of death
  • Date and place of deceased’s birth
  • Social Security number of the deceased person
  • Your relationship to the deceased person
  • Your mailing address
  • A copy of your valid photo ID

It can take a few weeks to fully process your request through the state of Texas. Once you complete the form, the order is processing begins the next day. However, you can opt for rapid processing and shipping once the death certificate is released.

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